About the company

481 is your partner for monitoring and advising on building structural performance over time.

Through our personalized and complete vibration monitoring solutions, we analyse and contribute to the long-term health of the built environment, whether it be heritage buildings, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, office buildings etc.

As people and professionals,
through everything we do, we aim to:

  • respect the buildings that were here “before us”, helping them pass the test of time;
  • build on the thought of the distant future, leaving behind not only healthy buildings, but also a thought-driven approach centred on innovation and safety.

Our vibration monitoring solutions help you:

  • get essential information in technical expertise;
  • establish the medium and long-term maintenance and intervention strategy for buildings that have exceeded their design lifetime;
  • identify equipment vulnerable to vibrations and unplanned movements and establish remediation and retention solutions;
  • highlight the current state of the construction, essential in relationship with insurance companies and potential clients;
  • avoid and reduce material losses and protect human lives in case of a strong motion event.

Our team is made up of structural engineering experts, with over 10 years’ experience in the field. In Romania, we are the exclusive partner of Bartec Syscom, leading supplier of vibration and seismic monitoring equipment.

Why work with us

We help you prevent and manage the risks imposed by changes in the nearby environment

Any change around a building – from a newly built wall to a seismic event or a nearby construction site – could cause some changes in the health of the building. With our vibration monitoring solutions, you can make sure you understand, manage and avoid any risk that can turn into material and financial damage or even a serious life threat, in the long run.

Our customized solutions ensure a much lower investment in the long run

Our monitoring and analysis processes allow us to come up with tailor-made solutions for each project. We always check the theoretical indications and calculations with what's really going on with your construction project. This way of doing things allows us not only to streamline your work costs and the materials involved, but also achieve a more appropriate solution for intervention and consolidation.

Our experience as design and structure practitioners ensures that you are in good hands

We know best how to intervene on your construction project, because our team has a solid background in structural engineering. We not only collect and analyse data, but make sure we come up with the plan best suited to your situation.

We collect and process data and come up with practical solutions

Apart from the fact that we rely on the performance equipment of the Swiss company Bartec Syscom, we come with expertise in processing the data provided by technical tools, as well as a clear intervention plan, should the situation so require. You can call us both for short-term and long-term monitoring of your buildings and projects, or even integrated solutions for emergency intervention.

We can complete complex projects, due to our local and international experience for over 10 years

We have the necessary experience to complete complex projects and to come up with innovative solutions regarding the structural performance of a building. Over the years, we have provided personalized structural engineering services both on the Romanian markets, as well as in Switzerland and Germany.

Through our tools and expertise, we innovate how things are done in the design and construction industry

We bring to Romania international tools and technologies, which we apply to innovate how design is being done in our country. In the long run, this translates into much better results, durable structures and low material consumption.

Our team

481 Engineering means a team lead by Adrian Vasilescu and Horia Mihnea, two Romanian entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of engineering and construction, with direct experience in reinforced concrete structures and in tehnical expertise of existing buildings (including historical monuments).

They have always teamed up, thus delivering over 400 succesful projects.

Ever since college, they wanted to change the manner in which design was being done in Romania. This is how they’ve come to work with over 100 customers, continuously innovating, being committed to providing the best structural solutions, considering the particularities of each project and always integrating the latest technologies and approaches.

Due to their background as structural engineers, they have a very good understanding of how constructions behave when subjected to vibrations and an advanced knowledge of the necessary intervention solutions to be used when the situation demands it.  

The significant projects they have accomplished over the years, include:
  • Brukenthal Summer Palace, Avrig
  • Leysin American School Sports Hall, Switzerland
  • Residential complex with GF+17 and GF+22 on Dimitrie Pompeiu Street, Bucharest
  • Marmoroch Blank Building, Old Town
  • Tunari Business Center, Bucharest (international multi-prize project) and so on.