We care about the long-term health of the built environment.

We are your partner for monitoring and advising on building structural performance over time.

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We help you prevent and manage the risks of your construction project.

Our solutions help you when it comes to risk management, whether you have a construction site project, a blasting project or you a need a technical expertise.

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We help you constantly monitor and take long-term measures regarding your construction project.

We integrate our monitoring solutions with complex projects, which we analyse on a long-term: from heritage buildings to hospitals, dams and basically any type of structure.

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We are 481 Engineering

Through passion, knowledge and technology, we contribute to the long-term health of the built environment.
Our monitoring solutions and advising services help us collect valuable data, interpret them and come up with personalized plans to intervene, if needed.
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Why work with us?

Tailor-made solutions

Each construction project is treated differently. We verify and adapt the theoretical indications to the on-field reality and the specifications of your project.

Professionals in structural engineering

Our team has a solid and practical experience in working with structures. We interpret data and come with personalized solutions of re-enforcement, if needed.

10 years experience

We have the experience of delivering complex projects on the Romanian market, as well as on the Swiss and German ones.

State of the art technology

We are the exclusive partners of Bartec Syscom for Romania. We rely on modern, Swiss made technology.

See our solutions – put to work

Our solutions can be applied to the most various types of structures – from historical monuments to schools, hospitals and residential buildings.

These are some examples.
Our equipments
We use state of the art equipments and technology. We are the exclusive partner in Romania of Bartec Syscom, the world leading provider of industrial safety technology.